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A little about

Zero Ka

Zero Ka is a company that was born from the vision of those whose purpose is to improve the automotive aesthetics market in Brazil. For a long time, Professor and reference in the automotive detailing sector, Cláudio Rossoni, noticed two specific problems in the sector: 1) the problem of water stains on cars after rinsing and 2) the problem of the lack of quality water to make chemical dilutions.

Vision and purpose of making the market evolve

After washing a car, it must be dried immediately to avoid water stains. Likewise, a chemical product used in automotive aesthetics may have its efficiency reduced when diluted with normal water rich in contaminants.

Dr. Bruno Mena Cadorin

Professor Cláudio Rossoni

Faced with this reality, Rossoni, who actively contributes to the development and testing of products and equipment in the automotive sector, sought out his friend, PhD in Chemistry and founder of the company WIER (largest Ozone Generator company in Latin America), Bruno Mena Cadorin, and challenged him to create a solution to solve these market pains. Faced with the great challenge and the desire to develop something new that would generate value in the automotive aesthetics market, Bruno created not only a new product, but also a new company called Zero Ka. The company develops and manufactures advanced water ultrapurification systems capable of leaving no traces of water after rinsing and with quality for dilutions. A demineralized water that, because it is so pure, you should not drink it!

Zero Ka's debut on the market took place at the Detail Land Event, in May 2023. Today, the company has grown and already has more than 15 products in line, serving other markets and in all states of Brazil. Zero Ka started with the automotive aesthetics sector and today supplies Demineralized Water Plants for glass cleaners, mechanical workshops, PPF and film applicators, as well as other segments of the industry, and is proud to be a 100% Brazilian company, "Made in brazil".

You've heard that water has conductivity and that it conducts electric current, right? And did you know that this is caused by the presence of mineral salts in the water? Well, “K” is an abbreviation that refers to the electrical conductivity measurement Kappa (in Latin).

Ionic conductivity measures the amount of mineral salts present in water. These mineral salts are responsible for leaving water marks after washing, for hindering the application of PPF and films, in addition to disrupting the vehicle's cooling system.

When water flows through the Zero Ka Ultrapurification Systems, mineral salts are retained in the filters, producing demineralized water without mineral salts and with conductivity (K) equal to zero. If the conductivity is equal to Zero, "K" is equal to zero, therefore, Zero Ka!

The origin of the Name

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