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  • Unidade filtrante para agua desmineralizada Zero Ka
  • Unidade filtrante para agua desmineralizada Zero Ka

Zero Ka Filter Unit


The filtering unit is a polymeric material, activated by plasma by Zero Ka, which has the function of absorbing mineral salts from the water. Mineral salts are the impurities responsible for leaving water stains after rinsing, for hindering the application of PPF and for reducing the useful life and chemical properties of your chemical products in their dilutions.

Plasma activation of this filtering unit serves to increase the absorption capacity of mineral salts in the water so that your filtering unit lasts longer, and thus produces more demineralized water than without plasma activation.

  • For the Zero Ka Systems, model 0K10-PA and 0K10-SM, the filtering unit is the same. You must place one package of filter material inside one housing and the other package inside the other housing. As both filter unit packages contain the same material, you can place them in either of the two housings.

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